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Trigger Wheel

Reasonably priced and adds a few more HP.........


Looking through the web pages of the VRCC www.valkyrieriders.com , I noticed that there has

been a further upgrade to the trigger wheel mounted behind the drive pulley in the crank case.

In fact VRCC now have available a trigger with an advance of 6` which together with a kit of jets

for the carburetors and a modification to the air filter, give the six cylinders a totally new sound

of music.


Taking the cue from the VRCC, I made the modification. With a little careful work the result has

been amazing, the engine has gained at least 5-7 hp, but the distribution results in fluidity and

response giving the bike a decisive and enjoyable ride. At 4000 revs. you get the impression of a

vortex to the aspiration in the carburetors resulting in an advancementand doesn't have no

hesitation about. Basically a true libido booster.........