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Kit Over Drive

High Performance GearBox


Over Drive Mod. for GW 1500 & Valkyrie Gear Box.


Valk Box1mini



 Test on the Road


Lamont's Test on the Road " - " Sil's Test on the Road " & " Thomas Short Story "


This is a modification, which was studied and developed by Mario Marinaro. The modification

consists of a kit of gear wheels that are to replace the originals inside the gearbox.

The autonomy, that is to say the distance covered with the same amount of fuel is increased

and depending on your type of driving. Only at high speeds (over 160km/h will the consumption

be equivalent to pre modification levels). This modification also reduces vibration and the end

result is that it makes your bike feel like a limbo on two wheels. The wokmanship on the gear

wheels is guaranteed for unlimited kilometers just like the originals. This modification can be set

on Gold Wing(all models over 1998), keeping same above performances.