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And 'the case to say !!!!! Put the turbo to your engine

The workshop Mario Moto has designed a kit to upgrade the engine of your GoldWing both for the 1500 cc. The 1800 cc.

1st Step




 Installation of a control unit in addition to the original


2st Step 

In addition to the installation of control unit replace the two camshafts, air filter, spark plugs will be

mounted platinum and oil Pakelo of racing. These trees have been realized on a study done in our

workshop and tested for over a year on bikes that have traveled our streets and beyond.




 Below we want to bring to your

 chart carefully with the data we have

 detected during the testing of an engine placed  at bench as  you can see the horses pass

 from the original 114.2 to 129.4 after the  change



Want to travel enjoying maximum comfort on your Goldwing?

Our workshop is able to satisfy this your need. Early on we developed and tested this suspension

kits ideal for long journeys tourist in two or even alone. 
The kit is composed of two leggings, by a

progressive spring for the back cushion, 
everything will be replaced in our workshop


click on the image

kitsosp cntr  To complete the kit comfort we can also install the kit Centramatic

  useful for our tires a perfect balance

  in any condition of use and during the whole life of rubber

  For info call at 035 69 31 31 or 338 337 4719

         Click on the image